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The Craziness of Life

February 22nd, 2007

Update @ 08:20 pm


Feeling out of sorts today. Unsure how I really feel. Stable though.

Well it looks like we *should* have an offer tomorrow. We aren't to get excited though b/c apparently they will be coming in pretty low. They've already seen the house once on their own. And once with their parents. And they are coming again tomorrow.

Their agent told ours to get us to work with them. Apparently they already have the offer typed up. We have an awesome agent though...she told them we don't have much room for negotiation, there is lots of interest so she's not afraid it'll sell for the price, and we aren't in a rush to sell or move. So if they weren't bringing us what we need....we wouldn't be trying to cut the deal. 

I was sick as hell today. And yesterday. Not throwing up ... but the all day nausea that makes it unbearable. I can't wait to rest this weekend. Unfortunately we have 2 showings on Saturday so I'll have to be out of the house for some amount of time. I get to take Kyla swimming...while Dan goes to scope out houses. Perhaps on Sunday I'll go check out a few of his top picks.

One more day of work. I need a vacation.
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Date:February 23rd, 2007 02:09 am (UTC)
Carrie I'm sorry you don't feel well :( That feeling is so awful. But..and don't kick me....it is a good sign. Your hormones are working as they should to help that little bean stick :) You can get through it, in a few months we'll be laughing at the memory of m/s :P

The Craziness of Life